Where Are They Now? Kyle Metcalfe

Omega Graduate 2018

Kyle Metcalfe with Platinum Logic Single

Kyle Metcalfe is a professional Music Producer and Audio Engineer from Gaithersburg, MD. Kyle is best known for co-producing the title track and lead single of Logic’s Everybody album. He is a recent graduate and intern of The Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences in Rockville, MD.

Kyle was introduced to music at the age of eight, when his mother bought him his first electric guitar. He played in bands and The Baltimore School of Rock throughout middle school and high school, which gave him opportunities to play at acclaimed venues & festivals such as: Lollapalooza, The Metro (Chicago), M&T Bank Stadium, Gathering of the Vibes, World Cafe Live, and The Knitting Factory.

While playing music throughout his teenage years, Kyle always had an interest in recording & studio technology. Starting with a 4-track Boss recorder that he got as a Christmas gift, and then upgrading to a computer with Ableton Live on it, he began to experiment with recording and producing his own music in 9th grade.

After graduating from Gaithersburg High School, Kyle attended a university in New York as a Music Technology student. While there, he met fellow Gaithersburg native and rapper Logic. After attending a listening party/session at Quad Studios, Kyle managed to get some of his productions to Logic. One of these productions turned into Everybody-the lead single and title track of Logic’s third studio album.

Dissatisfied with the lack of hands-on education at his university, Kyle moved back to Maryland and began attending The Omega Studios’ School. After graduating in October of 2018, he became an intern in order to amass more professional recording experience on large-format consoles. He continues to regularly send work to Logic, but most of his income comes from freelance production, mixing and mastering work through social media or with artists from the DMV area.

Kyle had this to say about his time at Omega:

The Logic placement came about before I started going to school here. A lot of kids in my situation would’ve thought ‘I made it’ and ditched their education. But I realized that I wasn’t prepared to have longevity in the industry. What I saw in Omega was a place that could quickly fill the gaps in my skill set. After my year at Omega, I can confidently say that I am ready for a long, rewarding career as an engineer and producer. It was the best year of my life!

Logic’s Everybody has been RIAA certified Platinum in the United States (1M units sold). It has accumulated over 150 million streams on Spotify, and was featured on ESPN, Madden NFL 18, and MTV. Listen here:

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