Where Are They Now? Gabriel Pearson – New York City


The Omega Studios’ School exists for one purpose: to help students develop their skills to become professionals in the music industry. That being said, our graduates are our biggest achievement and we are so incredibly proud of their success! Omega’s success depends on the success of our grads.

The achievement of Gabriel Pearson, one of our graduates, is especially thrilling. Gabriel has relocated to New York City to pursue his career ambitions. We caught up with Gabriel so he could share the experience he has had since graduating from The Omega Studios’ School:

@mixedbygabriel, a Billboard-charting Producer/Engineer, stands as a pivotal figure within the dynamic tapestry of the East Coast music scene. Over eight years, he has etched his mark with a distinctive fusion of low-end mixing prowess and vibrant production stylings. Specializing in hip-hop, afrobeat, and pop genres, he has seamlessly intertwined his skills with artists hailing from diverse corners of the globe.

Originally hailing from Silver Spring, MD, MixedbyGabriel has seamlessly transitioned to the heart of the music industry, making New York City his new home. In this bustling metropolis, he has meticulously crafted a career that commands respect both in the studio and on the charts. His journey reached a pivotal milestone in 2021 with the establishment of his own creative sanctuary, Cook It Up Studios, nestled within the vibrant cultural landscape of Brooklyn.

Within his studio walls, MixedbyGabriel orchestrates sonic alchemy, blending sounds and textures to create a tapestry that captivates audiences worldwide. His meticulous attention to detail and innate understanding of musical dynamics have earned him accolades not only from artists but also from industry peers.

MixedbyGabriel’s work embodies a synergy of innovation and tradition, seamlessly bridging the gap between timeless musical elements and contemporary sonic landscapes. With each project, he elevates the artistry of his collaborators, infusing their visions with an undeniable energy that resonates long after the final note fades away. As a visionary within the realm of music production and engineering, MixedbyGabriel continues to carve out his legacy, one beat at a time.

Once again, we at The Omega Studios’ School would like to express how excited we are about Gabriel’s success. With the help of Omega, Gabriel has been able to turn his passion for music into a career.

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