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Brendan Ferry - Audio Engineer

Brendan Ferry is a professional Audio Engineer and Mastering Engineer working in Los Angeles, California. Brendan is currently working primarily with Artist and Producer Cordae (AKA YBN Cordae), and their most recent release “Scottie Pippen” reached over 3 million streams in 5 days. Brendan is also a Graduate of The Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences in Rockville, Maryland.

Brendan was introduced to the idea of Audio Engineering at the age of 12 when a friend of his wanted to form a rap group. Brendan decided to put together home studio in his room at his dad’s house so he could record him. Over time, Brendan was able to acquire more gear, and he continued to record local artists throughout high school. After high school, Brendan enrolled at a state university. However, like many of our current students, Brendan decided to leave the university and pursue his dream of becoming a professional in the Music Industry.

After working with the various pieces of gear in his home studio, Brendan understood that Audio Engineering was a technical skill and required training in order to reach that next professional level. He googled “Audio Engineering Schools” and found The Omega Studios’ School. Brendan immediately enrolled in the Audio Engineering for the Music Industry Program, and began his training to become a professional. Throughout his training, Brendan was able to apply and expand upon his previous audio experience, and his home studio, equipment, and client base continued to grow. After Omega, Brendan was ready to expand and take the next step by getting a studio of his own.

Initially, Brendan wanted to stay in Maryland and work with the artists and scene he was familiar with. Brendan and another Omega Graduate, Jacob Weisbaum, found a single family home and began to convert it into a professional-grade studio. They built a wall in the middle of the master bedroom and divided one half into the control room and the other the lobby, the other two regular rooms across the hall were both the tracking rooms. One designed for vocals/guitars and other for drums and percussion. Brendan used the knowledge he gained from Omega and  advice from Engineer Bill Mueller to create a great sounding and acoustically treated studio.

Brendan was doing very well, and the studio was successful, but he wanted to get an additional studio closer to Washington, D.C. so he could work with bigger artists. With the help of an investor, Brendan built a studio in Georgetown in northwest D.C.. Building it from the ground up allowed Brendan to apply his training and experience working in a professional studio. Soon, Brendan was working with artists such as Shy Glizzy, Gunna, Lil Baby, Money Man, Q Da Fool, Bloc Boy JB, and others. After 3 months of Engineering at both the home studio and the studio in Georgetown, Brendan started taking trips to LA, NYC, and ATL to work with various artists and producers. It was at this point that Brendan was introduced to and formed a professional relationship with a Maryland Rapper and Producer by the name of Cordae. Cordae eventually became a member of internet rap group YBN, and moved to LA to be closer to the other members. This was the fortunate turn of events that would help Brendan make the transition from a regionally to a nationally acclaimed Audio Engineer. 

Cordae gave Brendan a call and told him to move to LA so he could continue to grow and develop his career. Within a week, Brendan packed up his original studio and moved to a house that had a pre-designed studio, previously owned by Big Sean’s Audio Engineer. Within the first week, Brendan was able to record in the studio with Grammy-Winning Producer Mike Dean. Brendan has also been able to work with artists such as YBN Almighty Jay, YBN Nahmir, Pusha T, Machine Gun Kelly, Smoke Purp, G’eazy and many more. Brendan continues to work with Cordae, and their recent single “Kung Fu” has hit over 10 million streams. Besides artists, Brendan also works with producers like Symbolyc One (Produced Kanye’s Power), Supah Mario (Produced 2 tracks off of Drakes new album) and many more. Right now, Brendan does sessions sometimes throughout the week in LA , but he gets most of his income from doing freelance mixing and mastering for clients that find him on the internet. He is currently working on getting a single family home in North Hollywood area so he can build the same sort of studio he had back in Georgetown, D.C..

The picture below with the console is at Paramount Studios. The story behind that is rapper YBN Nahmir had a 12 hour session, he left 5 hours in along with his Engineer. Brendan and Cordae found out he still had hours there and went. The board was completely zero’d out, and according to Brendan, “if it wasn’t for omega I wouldn’t have known how to set everything up and run a recording session.”

Brendan Ferry - Paramount Studios

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