Where Are They Now? Aquil Sudah

Aquil Sudah where Are They Now?

Aquil Sudah is an Audio Quality Control Specialist for a record-pressing company, Furnace, in Alexandria, VA. That is a particularly cool job, so I wanted to find out how he got the job, as well as his experiences before and after The Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences.

I asked Aquil Sudah a number of questions, and his answers are located below.

Q: What did you do before Omega / When did you become interested in music?

A: I became interested in music when I was in elementary school. One of my teachers would bring his keyboard to school and every day during aftercare kids would do all types of activities but I would be inside playing with the keyboard making snippets and melodies, save them and be super excited to hear them, and build on them the next day. That’s what sparked my love for and interest in music and music production.

Q: How did you become introduced to Omega?

A: Before I came to Omega I had been in for a tour around that same time when I was in elementary school, so I always knew it was an option outside of college, which I did attend with a Music Industry major yet never finished that. So, I was always interested in learning the craft, when I made the decision to attend Omega I had already had about 15 jobs from audio to retail to hospitality to restaurant over a 3-4 year span. So on my second-to-last job before attending, I had to make the best decision for my future, and as I weighed options what Omega Studios was offering seemed like the best opportunity. 

Q: What did you do immediately after graduating from Omega?

A: Immediately after graduation, I was hired by a lighting company, a job opportunity I received from Robert, the Director of Job Placement. A month after that I had got hired by an audio company that subcontracts workers for church services. 

Q: What do you do now?

A: Now I am an Audio Quality Control Specialist for a record-pressing company. 

Additionally, Aquil Sudah provided these words regarding his experience at The Omega Studios’ School:

Omega was a great learning experience and put a lot of things in perspective for me as had been producing music and using Protools, FL Studio, GarageBand, and doing live sound and audiovisual work before I attended. However, I didn’t know the meaning of terms like ratio, gain, attack, release, etc, However, I did know how it affected the sound of audio it processed, so for me, it was more like they connected dots. It was in-depth teaching of all aspects of Audio Engineering from experienced engineers still in the field outside of teaching so the techniques were current to today’s industry as well as the previous techniques used from other decades. The most valuable thing I learned was how to mix properly. I learned that the mixing spectrum has a set dedicated maximum with infinitely low as a minimum and 0 as a max for proper mixing. Also, I learned the meaning of the terms, and functionality of those processors, so it was the greatest most valuable learning I have experienced. Even this description is just a small fraction of what I actually learned however it’s the most valuable to me. It was an invaluably informative learning experience. 

We at Omega would like to congratulate Aquil on his great job, and we wish him the best of luck as he moves forward with his professional ventures!

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