Using Technology to Protect Students

During these trying times, The Omega Studios’ School and its staff have maintained student safety as the highest priority. From the beginning, we have followed the safety guidelines put in place by the State of Maryland. During the quarantine, we have developed and implemented a virtual element of our programs that ensures continuing education from the safety of home. As Maryland transitions into Phase 2 and Phase 3 of reopening, we are dedicated to continuing student safety protocols as we transition to hybrid and hands-on instruction.

In addition to sanitation stations, daily cleaning of the studios and classrooms, and prevention measures, Omega has implemented a variety of additional sanitation and safety policies to help make the transition as safe as possible for our students. We have installed hospital-grade UV Sanitation in our HVAC system. This is especially effective in the studio control rooms where much of the hands-on instruction takes place. Because the recording consoles and outboard equipment create a great amount of heat, the AC systems must circulate a high volume of air to keep temperatures down. This makes the UV system even more effective in removing viruses and bacteria from the air, including the COVID-19 virus.

Bill Mueller, one of our Engineers who helped research and install the UV system, states “Omega is taking a scientific approach to the pandemic and is installing Ultra Violet C, (UV-C) technology to sanitize its studios, classrooms, offices, and equipment of Covid-19 virus, flu virus, mold, and bacteria. When a virus is exposed to UV-C, the energy breaks up the bonds in the virus’s DNA/RNA structures, preventing the virus from infecting living cells. Omega is installing UV-C technology in its HVAC system, ceiling mounted radiators, UV-C wands to clean its shared consoles and keyboards, and units to clean microphones, headphones, and cell phones.”

Omega is also regularly disinfecting touch surfaces throughout the facility by means of mobile UV systems. We employ UV technology to disinfect recording consoles, studio equipment, and computers after EACH USE in order to ensure mitigation of the transmission of viruses among students, faculty, and recording personnel.

Another policy we are implementing involves students’ cell phones. Because even sanitized hands can be quickly reinfected by handling call phones, students are not permitted to bring cell phones into the building. If a student arrives with a phone, it is securely stored in zip-lock bags by studio personnel until the student departs.

We at The Omega Studios’ School are confident that our sanitation and safety measures provide a safe learning environment for our students to continue their education. As we get closer to getting back to normal, we will continue to make student safety our highest priority.

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