Textbook Policy

All textbooks and materials for each academic program at Omega Studios’ School are available from the school.

Omega Studios’ School does not post class schedules online nor does it publish a written course schedule, as such; it is not required to post textbook pricing information to its website.

In the interest of allowing students an opportunity to purchase books and materials at a cost lower than that which can be provided if purchased at the school, students can request a textbooks and materials list from the school.  A list of required textbooks and materials is available from the Director of Admissions or the Director of Financial Aid.  Their contact information is

Director of Admissions: Steve Goldstein | steve@omegastudios.com | (301) 230-9100

Director of Financial Aid: Denise Konecny | financialaid@omegastudios.com | (301) 230-9100

To the extent possible, the list includes the name of the text, author, publisher, the copyright date, the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and price charged by the school.  If the school determines that disclosure of pricing information is not practicable, it may substitute the designation “To Be Determined (TBD)” in lieu of the required pricing information.

Currently, Omega does not offer book rental or used books. The school may buy back books originally purchased from the school if the books are in ‘like-new’ condition.

The cost of books and materials are listed in the “Cost of Attendance Budgets” are posted to the school’s website and in the Student handbook.

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