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The Studios

Omega Studios features four state-of-the-art recording studios, and can accommodate a wide variety of session types. Our multi-studio complex has been a professional recording facility since 1968, making it one of the oldest recording studios in the United States. Omega Studios features just the right mix of analog and digital professional audio technology. Additionally, each room at Omega is unique, and offers clients a variety of recording environment options. You can read more about our individual studios by clicking the links below.

Studio A

Studio B

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Studio E

Studio M



At Omega, we work hard to maintain a comfortable atmosphere where creative artists can do their best work. Our recording and engineering capabilities outshine most other studios and include orchestral recording, musician contracting, live TV and radio broadcasting, and long distance recording. Our list of recording specialties ensure that you will be able to accomplish your creative objectives in the studio.

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We work with top-of-the-line digital and analog recording consoles, multi-track tape recorders and hard disk recording systems, a dazzling array of microphones, synthesizers, sequencing computers, samplers, signal processors, and digital audio workstations. Our professional recording equipment includes brands such as Neve, SSL, Studer, API, Focusrite, Lexicon, Neumann, Pro Tools, and others.

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Artists & Engineers

In our fifty-plus years of operation, we have had the opportunity to work with professional clients from around the world. Some of the greats that have passed through our halls include Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Brown, Stevie Wonder, John Waters, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Prince, Elton John, and many others. To see a list of some of our professional clients, please click the link below.

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