SSL’s Marc DeGeorge Gives a Presentation at Omega Recording Studios

Marc DeGeorge and Solid State Logic visited Omega Recording Studios on March 12th to talk to Omega audio engineering school students and guests about the importance of proper focus when mixing music.  Marc brought some cutting edge gear for demonstration, including the SSL Nucleus control surface, the new SSL Sigma SuperAnalogue summing engine, and SSL’s Alpha Link converters.



Marc used the presentation to talk about the importance of listening when mixing, and how the distractions present in today’s hybrid analog/digital studios can be counterproductive to focusing on the sound.  He pointed out that the sound comes from the studio monitor speaker and is bound for the engineer’s ears.  “What about the computer screen in the middle?”  He asked, “The sound doesn’t come from there, does it?”



Omega music production school student, José Beltran, volunteered to participate in the demo, adjusting the EQ on a bass track with the screen on (and the plug in window visible) and then again with the screen off.  Marc then highlighted the differences in the EQ settings that were selected.


Students from Omega’s audio engineering school, Corey Benford and Carlyle Craig, commented later that the demonstration showed them the importance of keeping your ears in the mix, and not allowing the other senses, or even the psyche of the engineer, to interfere with the process.


Omega Recording Studios has done many events with SSL in the past, along with presentations for Grammy U (NARAS), Yamaha DTX, Prodigy Engineering, and Ableton Live/Push.  If you’d like to find out about upcoming Omega events, Contact Us.

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