From the Silent Service to The Audio Engineering Studio

U.S. Navy Veteran Starts a New Career in Audio Engineering and Recording Arts

By U.S. Navy Veteran, Don Hensley

Hi, I’m Don Hensley – retired submariner from the US Navy and a graduate of Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences. I am also owner and engineer at Vox Incognita Studio, LLC and I wanted to let you know about the Veteran friendly atmosphere at Omega. So, you are a veteran contemplating a second career as an audio engineer, or another position in the audio industry? And you are asking yourself, “Why should I choose Omega?” While I cannot answer that question for you, I can tell you why I chose Omega Studios’ School, share my experience while there, and relate why I would choose them again.  Bottom line? Omega (as an institution and at the individual level) is Veteran friendly. Several staff members are prior-military and understand the unique lives we live. Our military experience leads us to expect instructors to be professional, technically competent, skillful, and willing to share their knowledge with students. As a student in the Master Series of Courses (now known as the Comprehensive Program), that is exactly what I found at Omega – in each and every instructor.

We also expect to have the appropriate mix of theory and practical application. What good is theoretical instruction if it doesn’t do any good in the field, in the sky, in the fleet, or at sea, right? You’ll get the appropriate mix this audio production school throughout their curriculum. You’ll get a lecture on destructive interference of out-of-phase audio signals … and then go in the studio to experience what that “really means” and how that impacts a recording session or live event. You’ll get a lecture on troubleshooting, and then a lab practical where the instructor will start inserting faults that you and your class have to find and correct in real time. And yes, it is obvious when there is a problem, and when you have (or have not) corrected it. Does it get more practical than that?

Plan on using the GI Bill to pay for school? So did I. Omega has staff and administrators that work closely with the VA to make that happen and they stay up to date on all the changes.

Working a full-time job to pay the bills and take care of you and / or your family? So was I. Omega has multiple starts throughout the year, and both day and evening classes so you can determine the best fit for your schedule. An evening cohort was the perfect place for me. You can even schedule staggered, individual classes if you need to.

Haven’t been to school in a while, and worried you’re a “little older” than the average student or not have anything in common? Well, considering I was older than most of the instructors, I thought about that as well. But everyone at Omega (staff and student) is open and inviting – and there are other Veterans there as well. My cohort had 3 total (including me), and the other cohorts had Vets also. You’ll fit right in.

Asking yourself, “What’s the point? How is this going to pay the bills?” Yep, me too. Omega has a great internship program that is well respected in the industry and an active job placement program. They work with you, and for you, to help you land an actual paying job. Or in my case, finding leads as you build your own studio business. And they stay engaged with you after you graduate. They’ll help you succeed. Go take a tour, attend an open house and experience the Omega difference for yourself.

I chose Omega because they met my requirements – professional, technically competent instructors; the right mix of theory and application; familiarity with the GI Bill; flexible schedules with multiple starts; welcoming atmosphere; and a great internship program coupled with job placement services. Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences is Veteran friendly and accommodating. I can unequivocally recommend them for your consideration, and strongly encourage your enrollment there.

So the real question you have to answer is, “Why haven’t I enrolled yet?”

And only you can answer that for yourself.

Fair winds and following seas, warrior brothers and sisters!

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