Remembering Darnecia Robinson

Darnecia Robinson & Her Cohort

We at Omega are saddened to hear about the recent passing of our dear friend Darnecia Robinson. She was a graduate of The Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences. Darnecia Robinson was also a caring, intelligent, selfless, funny, and professional woman. She was an excellent student, and a great person. Our time with her will be remembered as a positive one, and we will continue to hold her close to our hearts.

Darnecia came to our School in January 2015 and enrolled in the Audio Engineering for the Music Industry Program. She was passionate about music, and performed as a singer. She wanted to attend our school in order to learn how to record, mix, and produce her own music on a professional level.

Darnecia was one of our top students, and she had a great impact on the Instructors and Administration during her time here. As a student, she shined with her drive to learn. She pushed her classmates to excel in their studies, making sure that no one around her left without grasping the information. She was so willing to help tutor other students in her group or even help the day students. She was a born leader, and soon assumed the role as the leader of the night students. If there were any concerns about anything about Omega, she took it upon herself to be her fellow students’ voice.

Darnecia Robinson embodied the word positivity. During her time at Omega, we can’t remember a single day where she didn’t come in with a smile on her face. We knew that she had just put in a full day of work, and regardless of whatever life had thrown at her, she would show up for classes and be excited about them. On a personal level, she had the kindest heart. She always treated others very well and made many friends both among her fellow students and with the staff.

She was so inquisitive, that she forced the instructors to be better. When there was something that one of the Instructors didn’t know, they would stay during the break or continue after class in order to find the answers to her questions. Even though she is no longer with us, Darnecia will always be a part of the Omega Family.

We at Omega would like to extend our condolences to Darnecia’s friends and family, as well as the students in her cohort. Darnecia will be greatly missed on so many different levels.

Quotes from our Staff about Darnecia:

“She knew of my physical struggles with back pain, and she always took an active interest in my health or making sure I felt OK. I knew that it came from a very sincere place in her heart” – Engineer and Instructor Peter Novak

“She was a shining light. We had long conversations about how we can prepare ourselves to help others. Even though it is said that we shouldn’t bear anyone else’s crosses, she was always ready to bear someone else’s cross. She was as creative as she was caring. She was just wonderful.” – Director of Job Placement, Robert Scott Adams

“She exhibited everything that we try to teach here in order for our students to be successful in the industry and life. I really enjoyed my conversations with her.” – Director of Administration, Jeff Girdler

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  1. My sweet cousin is no longer here on earth but she has impacted me in such a beautiful way. A few years ago she came to my office and helped me find my voice. She was so encouraging and actually told me my music reminded her of an accomplished artist. She gave me some great music tips and encouraged me to move forward with my music. She reminds me of a beautiful butterfly. She darts here and there leaving memories of her flight. Thanks for loving our cousin!

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