Refund Policy

1. If an applicant chooses not to enroll in, or withdraws from the School, within 7 calendar days after having signed the enrollment agreement, he shall receive a full refund of all fees and deposits paid. If, after the 7-day period has passed, a Student who has not visited the School facility prior to enrollment, withdraws within three days following either,

a. attendance at a regularly scheduled orientation,
b. a tour of the School, or,
c. attendance at any single class, he will receive a refund of all fees and deposits paid.

2. If the Student chooses not to enroll in the School, or to withdraw from the School, after the 7-day cancellation period has passed, but before instruction has begun (excepting the conditions listed under 3-a), he shall receive a refund of all fees and deposits paid, less the registration fee of $25 and the one-time application fee of $100. This shall also apply in the event third-party financing (such as SLM) is rejected by the student/guardian or denied by the lender, after the 7-day cancellation period has passed, but before instruction has begun.

3. If the Student withdraws from the School, or otherwise fails to complete the period of enrollment, after the 7-day cancellation period has passed and after instruction begins, he shall receive a refund of a portion of the charges paid, based on the percentage of each program completed, less the application and registration fee(s). The percentage of each program completed shall be determined by dividing the total number of clock hours comprising the period of enrollment for which the Student has been charged, into the number of clock hours remaining to be completed by that Student in that period, as of the last recorded day of attendance. Percentage of completion shall be based on the following table:

% of program completed                              % of refund

up to 10%                                                                  90% refund
more than 10%, up to and including 20%         80% refund
more than 20%, up to and including 30%         70% refund
more than 30%, up to and including 40%         60% refund
more than 40%, up to and including 50%         50% refund
more than 50%, up to and including 60%         40% refund
more than 60%, of the program completed        no refund

4. The amount of refund shall be calculated by taking the total amount of tuition and fees for each program, subtracting the registration fee and application fee, and multiplying the result by the percentage of refund as shown in the table above; adding the cost of books and materials (including tax) returned in resalable condition; and subtracting any unpaid charges owed by the Student to the School of each program completed, less the application and registration

5. If the student enrolls in more than one program, the refund for each program will be calculated separately based on the actual amounts charged to the student for each program and the actual percentage of each program completed by the student. In the event a student enrolls in the Recording Engineering and Studio Techniques program (REST) and the Audio Production Techniques program (APT) and/or the Sound Reinforcement for Live Performance program (SRLP), refunds paid for APT and/or SRLP shall be pro-rated based only on the actual hours the student advanced through APT Course #3 and/or SRLP Course #3. Because APT and SRLP share two introductory prerequisite courses with REST, a student will not be liable for tuition for APT or SRLP until the beginning of Course #3 in APT and/or Course #3 in SRLP, when REST is taken concurrently with either of these programs. Refunds for any program(s) taken concurrently with another, lengthier program will be calculated minus the hours allotted for the Personal and Career Skills course (e.g., if a student takes REST and any other program(s), the 36 hours representing Personal and Career Skills shall not be included when calculating the refund for those additional programs).

6. Any refund due to the Student shall be based on the last date of attendance and shall be paid within 60 days from the date of withdrawal or termination. If the Student fails to return to training by the end of an official leave of absence, a refund due the Student shall be based on the last recorded date of attendance and paid within 60 days of the scheduled last date of the leave of absence. If the School closes, cancels or discontinues the program, the Student shall receive a full refund of all tuition and fees paid. The Student may cancel or voluntarily terminate his/her association with the School by, (1) informing the School Director, Registrar or Director of Admissions, and, (2) signing a withdrawal/drop form. The amounts charged a recipient of V.A. educational benefits for tuition, fees and other charges for a portion of the program will not exceed the approximate pro-rata portion of the total charges paid for tuition, fees and other charges, that the length of the completed portion of the program bears to the total length. All refunds due to students who receive VA Benefits will be paid within 40 days of the last date of attendance. *A clock hour is defined as an hour of instruction, including a maximum of 10 minutes break time for each clock hour. Break time may vary according to the nature and participation requirements of the particular class; i.e., lecture, small group, individual instruction, etc.

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