Recognition: Omega Recording School’s June 2013 Graduating Class


I would like all Omega audio engineering students who see this to read this so they can understand the meaning of being a class and going through this journey together.

These guys just graduated from the Omega Studios’ School.  I’m hanging on to these photos, and I will remember these groups.

Here are the most memorable things about these engineering grads:

  • They took on the challenges of the school and of the industry as a group, as a team, and they succeeded as a team.
  • They shared their force of will to pull each other through the program.
  • They looked towards their completion of the program and their success with this perspective:  “I’m going to be there on graduation day because I know you’re going to be there as well.  And it will mean that much more to me because I see you there with me.” This is how to succeed.

recognitionThey’re not the only groups of Omega students who have done this, but they definitely deserve the respect they’ve earned here.  Yes, they had the benefit of the talented instructors who taught them, and of the excellent administrative staff at Omega who coached them and pushed them.  But they also had a motivation that was centered around inclusiveness, and that made the difference.  This is important to strive for (and anyone who teaches can back me up on this), because I’ve also seen the reverse:  the groups within a class who take the approach of impeding each others progress.  The anti-success attitude of “This teacher/class/subject isn’t cool enough,” “I already know this stuff,” “if you get ahead it makes me look bad,” etc. etc. can be equally appealing.  This can pull a group or a class towards failure, and the only one who benefits is the cynic who is attempting to conceal his own shortcomings. The groups pictured above chose to take the path of leadership, and said to each other, “okay, we each may have shortcomings, but you know what?  We’re going to succeed and graduate, and you’re in our group, so you’re coming along too.”   Nothing makes my job as an instructor more rewarding.  Now get out there and make the world a better sounding place, grads!

Find out more about the School here.

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