Plan for Improving Academic Programs

Planned Change:

Increase the number of clock hours in the COMP, AMP and SRLP programs by 12 to 16 clock hours to enhance the Live Sound curriculum.  Anticipate sending information to MHEC (state) in April 2017 for approval.  State approval will be submitted to ACCSC (accrediting agency) upon receipt.  Anticipate ACCSC will grant approval by July at which time the change will be submitted to the U.S. Department of Education for approval.


Status:                          Pending, still in the planning stage.

Effective Date:              July 2017 Cohort Start


Planned Change:

Introduced new version of Pro Tools software for the COMP, AMP, AFT  and APT programs.

Status:                          Pending, still under review.

Effective Date:              April 2017 Cohort Start


Planned Change:

Install individual workstations for audio production techniques to provide students with more hands-on access to equipment.


Status:                          Implemented

Effective Date:              October 2016


Planned Change:

Omega plans to reduce the clock hours assigned to various lab and exam classes within AFT, APT, Intermediate, MIDI 1 and MIDI 2, and create new additional lecture classes providing enhanced and advanced curriculum material.  The total number of hours in the program is not expected to change.


Status:                          Implemented

Effective Date:              July 2016 Cohort


Omega Studios School is providing this information to keep students and prospective students apprised of changes that may affect them while enrolled.  Omega School does not make any guarantee that any change listed will be implemented or that the effective date will not change.

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