Omega Studios Stands Against Bullying with Music in Me Foundation International!

Recording of “Unleash your Superpowers”

Recording “Superpowers” in preparation for the Kennedy Center!

Throughout the passage of time, it seems as though bullying has been an ever growing and persistent detrimental part of evolving societies. In our schools from elementary grades to high schools and universities, bullying has not slowed down and with the ease of access to the internet and social media, it has become a more direct and intrusive force. We had the pleasure and honor of working with talented musicians, visionaries and servicemen facing the ever growing problem of bullying head on, The Music in Me Foundation INT!

Jane Pinczuk the Founder & CEO of The Music in Me Foundation has been an activist against bullying by exposing people to the power of unison through song performances. As art has had an impact on man throughout time, Jane Pinczuk understands how to capture our attention through music to gather people with love and compromise. With the help of Danny Sotos the Artistic Producer & Director from Brooklyn, New York he is bringing his experience being a Broadway performer to the foundation. Their program called Pure Positive Power teaches our kids about Leadership, team building skills, education on non-violence, and importance on having a voice. Not only having a voice, but being truly heard and understood is their way into teaching these kids about unlocking their superpower. 

Featuring The Side By Side DcPD GoGo Band

Recording with musically talented Active-Duty DCPD officers, Jane Pinczuk understands the importance of representation, understanding, and coming together as a society are keys against bullying. As The Music in Me’s present House Band, they will be creating and presenting further projects aimed towards anti-bullying, non-violence, and education. Presenting multiple Washington DC natives in uniform it’s not only a strong psychological benefit, but comes from relatable people creating a fun energy that engages everyone with familiar sounds.

The song “Unleash Your Superpowers ” is a project made by multiple people in different cities and backgrounds, coming together to shine a powerful message against bullying with something we all love, Music! Their collective efforts have gathered multiple talented individuals to stand and create in the name of anti-bullying. The Side By Side (Go-Go Band) is constantly in the local area performing through schools, public events as well as large venues, as on February 11th they will be performing in the Kennedy Center and continue to share this song throughout NY and the east coast. More Information on Event.

To the Kennedy Center and Beyond!

With more songs on the horizon we were lucky and fortunate to be part of their goal and do what we do best. Mixing this song was a breeze as their ability to perform publicly was on another level. Each DCPD officer showed their calm and ease playing enjoyable music as their combination of vocals and instruments during the recording process seemed effortless. 

We will love to be part of this ongoing journey against bullying by helping talented musicians, focused individuals, and everyone with a goal to help our societies through ways that strike people directly to their heart. With our world class studios, trained engineers and variety of equipment, we have helped and hope to create countless soundtracks to change the world. 

For a great discussion on the nuts and bolts of how several of these effects work, check other great article written by Omega engineer Scotty O’Toole!

-Ricardo Tolentino 2023