Omega Students Record Tracks for “Miss It All” by Artist Tommy Sherrod

Students at The Omega Studios’ School recently took part in a record session for artist Tommy Sherrod, laying down tracks for the song “Miss It All.”  The song is currently up on Sherrod’s BandCamp page.  Tommy Sherrod played bass, piano, and drums on the track, and was joined by his brother Owen on guitar.  Students were guided through the session by Grammy winning engineer/instructor Peter Novak.  The recording was done in Omega’s Studio B, tracked to analog tape through Omega’s SSL 4000 console.


Tommy Sherrod provided some additional comments on the session:

“We had an old Viking drum set. Bass was a Danelectro running through a fender guitar tube amp of some kind, I think it was a Deluxe. The guitars were an Aspen (old Japanese Les Paul copy) running again through the Deluxe for the rhythm track, and a fender Stratocaster going to a Epiphone Blues Custom amp for the lead track.”

Catch up with Tommy Sherrod’s other works through his page on BandCamp.

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