Omega Speaker Series: Do you Want This Audio Engineering Job?

The Omega’s Speaker Series welcomed three audio professionals to speak to students and graduates.

The topic was “Do You Want This Job?”

audio engineer speaker series

Obtaining relevant, substantive employment in the audio engineering industry is challenging. You have to have an established effective network of dedicated; reliable contacts to not only assist you in finding employment, but to also act as mentors and support systems.

To provide a springboard for our audio engineering students and graduates the Omega Speaker Series hosted a seminar featuring industry heavyweights representing unique and different facets of the audio industry.

Nelson White of PSAV a company focused on Audio/Visual rentals, staging in the convention and trade show industry. It is the largest professional A/V company in America.

Marc Oliver of Silver Spring Studios, Washington, DC’s premier boutique post house, founded by America’s Most Wanted host, John Walsh.

Marc DeGeorge of Solid State Logic Design, manufactures of audio mixing consoles and digital post production systems for the music, video, film and broadcast industries.

These professionals conducted a workshop, “Do You Want This Job?” The purpose was to offer three alternative employment avenues. This helps prepare our students for what they have to do as a prospective employee to prepare to get hired with any of these industries.

Everything from essential educational instruction, to tailored resumes, to the intangibles was discussed in depth. In the end, the participants were fully armed with all the information they needed to prepare for with not only these companies, but related companies as well.

As an added bonus, Nelson White of PSAV took time after the presentation to meet with interested audio production students one on one, taking resumes and contact information.

The Omega Speaker Series is part of Omega Studios School’s on-going program to expose our students to relevant career options in music production, audio engineering, live sound engineering and more.

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