Omega Graduate Produces Song on Hamburger Helper’s “Watch the Stove” Mixtape

Hamburger_Helper.pngReginald “Reggie” Everett recorded and produced the song “Hamburger Helper”, the second song off of the “Watch the Stove” Mixtape by General Mills. Reggie is also a current student in The Omega  Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences Comprehensive Recording Industry Program. The Mixtape was a planned social media and Soundcloud advertising campaign put on by General Mills to draw attention to Hamburger Helper and it’s line of dinner products. However, the project quickly gained critical and consumer acclaim due to the level of quality the hand-(or-glove-)picked artists and producers brought to the project. The Mixtape garnered over 3 million views in the first few days and now tops out at 9 million views on Soundcloud. When Reggie was asked to work on the project with his brother, Retro Spectro, he knew that everything he had learned so far at Omega Studios would be put to the test.

Reggie and his brother had worked on many songs and projects together, with Reggie’s brother writing and rapping, and Reggie Engineering and Producing. General Mills had begun to scout talent on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, and soon came across a song called “Chicken Nugget”, released by Reggie and his brother a year earlier. General Mills tweeted at Reggie’s brother and asked them to create a song for their upcoming mixtape. The mixtape was due to release on April 1st, so the team of talented brothers got to work in their home studio in Washington, D.C.. Reggie used his training in ProTools he gained at Omega to create a beat from scratch and record his brother’s vocals. When asked, Reggie told us that he gets inspiration for his beats through the sounds of retro video game consoles such as the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis. He also ties in his training in Classical Piano and his experience performing in the GoGo group “XIB“. Many of the students at Omega are musicians as well as interested in video games, a trait shared by some of Omega’s most famous Alumni such as Pedro Seminario and Young Guru. After the mixtape was released, Reggie and his brother knew they had a hit on their hands, and the rest of the social media world agreed.

After the mixtape reached 3 million views in its first week, Reggie knew he had found his muse. Reggie wasn’t always this successful, though. After multiple rejections, letdowns, and disappointment from his clients, Reggie turned towards The Omega Studios School to get proper training to become a Professional Audio Engineer. Reggie claims that Omega provides “more than just an education, but an experience” and that there is a real “passion behind the instructors”. As Reggie continues to finish up his program this May, we wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors.

Check out the Mixtape here: “Watch the Stove”

Check out Reggie’s Instagram here: @musiclife08

Check out Retro Spectro’s Instagram here: @retro_spectro_

Retro Spectro’s Youtube Channel

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