Where are they Now? Brenda L. Ford

Where are they now? Graduates of The Omega Studios’ School

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.: Brenda L. Ford

 Omega Graduate 2009

congressBrenda L. Ford is a Freelance Audio Engineer, Front of House Engineer for The Soul Factory Church, and a Technical Engineer for the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. She is also a Graduate of The Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences. Prior to attending The Omega Studios’ School, Brenda developed her love of music through singing in different Gospel groups as well as doing amateur voice-over work in the D.C. area. She also had experience as an Information Tech Specialist for the Federal Government. After a few years, Brenda started looking for a way to combine her two passions, music and technology, so The Omega Studios’  School seemed like the perfect fit. After Graduating from the Comprehensive Recording Industry Program, Brenda felt more than prepared to pursue her career dreams.

After graduating, Brenda started working at the Soul Factory Church in Forestville, Maryland. Through her training at The Omega Studios’ School, Brenda was able to set up microphones, provide live mixing of the services, and do Front of House mixing for the Praise Team performances. This experience whetted her appetite for Audio Engineering, so she started to pursue additional ventures. After a year in the industry, Brenda was also hired at The Hunter Memorial AME Church featuring the acclaimed John Tillery. She provided live mixing and in-ear mixes for a full Gospel choir and band. Although this is usually a daunting task for any one Engineer, Brenda thrived in the environment, and she wanted more.

In 2009, Brenda was given the opportunity to move beyond her forte of live mixing. After building up reputation in the church scene, she was invited to be an Assistant Engineer on “I Dare You” by Isiah Thomas and The Elements of Praise. She recorded the song at the New Macedonia Baptist Church, recording a full band including vocals, as well as overdubs. After building a name for herself as a competent Audio Engineer, Brenda was ready to expand her skills beyond the Church environment. Brenda always had a passion for live music, so in 2010 when she was given an opportunity to record and mix a live band, she was elated. She was invited to co-Engineer and mix a live recording of “Aaron Myers live at the Black Fox Lounge”. Through her training at The Omega Studios’ School’s Live Sound classes, Brenda was able to effectively use a Tascam 2488neo board and Pro Tools 8 for the session. The recording turned out great, and you can see for your self by following this link:


Once again, Brenda’s passion for music and technology lead her in the direction of another recording opportunity. In 2011, Brenda was hired as the co-Engineer for the recording of “I Fly” by D. Lynn Davis. Finally, Brenda had accumulated enough experience to look for the Big Job, the one that she would remain at to this day: The Library of Congress.

Since 2011, Brenda has been working at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. as a Technical Engineer. She provides all of their general audio needs and recordings, and is working with the Library on developing a new digital audio archival tool, Digiboard. Through her initial passion for music and technology, to her education at The Omega Studios’ School, to her experience as an Audio Engineer, Brenda has been able to pursue her dreams and continue a successful career in the Recording Industry.

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