Where Are They Now? Louie Kouncar

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Louie “King L” Kouncar:

Omega Graduate 1997

Louie Koncar had been interested in music since his early 20’s. He started working as an amateur producer on a few albums, but did not meet with much success. Louie wanted to improve his skills, so he decided to attend The Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences. After graduating, Louie met Washington D.C. entrepreneur and nightlife aficionado Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld where they conspired together to create a new style of urban music: Belly Hop. Belly Hop is a fusion between Arabian Belly Dancing music and radio-friendly Hip-Hop. Louie used his knowledge of Music Production and Music Business he attained while attending Omega Studios’ School to bring Belly Hop to Miami in 2007.

The purpose and goal of Belly Hop was not only a musical fusion, but a cultural one as well. Louie and Mauricio wanted Belly Hop to be more than just a musical genre, they wanted to bring together two large urban communities and capitalize on them. It was a success. With Louie’s musical prowess, and Mauricio’s urban connections, Belly Hop became one of the premiere club sounds of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Clubs are still buying licenses to play Louie’s music. Louie wanted to take his musical exposure further, so he signed on to ASCAP. ASCAP promoted his “Everyday” album, which became a worldwide-bestseller. Louie resides in Miami today where he continues to work with Mauricio and create club music.