Where Are They Now? Joseph Black

Frankfurt, Germany: Joseph Black

Omega Graduate 2004

Joseph Black Who is Joseph Black? Joseph Black is many things: an international entrepreneur, an Audio Engineer, a Retired United States Army Reservist, and a graduate of The Omega Studios’ School Of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences. After his tour of duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Joseph wanted a career in the Audio Engineering Industry and to expand his business expertise, so he decided to attend Omega. Like many of Omega’s past and current students, Joseph had to balance a military career and his education, but fortunately, time management is one of the key components of Omega’s Music Business Program. The Music Business Program is just one of many that is offered at Omega, and caters to developing the skills and knowledge required to be a successful entrepreneur, or any other professional in the Music Industry. That skill, among many others Joseph would obtain at Omega, would continue to help him in his professional career.

After graduating, Joseph moved to Frankfurt Am Main, Germany where he put his Music Business knowledge to the test and founded Joe Black Entertainment, Inc. Joe Black Entertainment is a marketing group, focused on helping new artists develop a following, promote their brand, and maintain a strong online presence. Besides helping aspiring artists with their marketing, J.B.E. also helps artists lock down recording contracts and regional concert venues. Joe Black Entertainment has worked with artists such as Chrysalis, DJ Haaps & The Midnight Sons, Darrell Russ, Frankfurt-N-Motion, Chris Carnak, and many more. J.B.E. also offers artists the service of creating their own personal website, and offers Press Kit Development packages. Joseph currently splits his time between living in Washington, D.C. and Frankfurt, Germany, and his company (since it is mostly online-based) retains it’s international presence. Joseph coaches artists to use the same skills that he learned at Omega to become successful in the Music Industry. 

Over the past 10 years, Joseph Black has utilized his education at The Omega Studios’ School and directly applied it to developing a business from the ground-up. Not only does his business directly cater to the up-and-coming in the music scene, it helps those artists begin to develop professional music skills and careers. For those artists, their first step is reaching out to Joe Black Entertainment, where for Joseph, his first step was choosing to attend Omega. 

Check out Joe Black Entertainment, Inc.’s website here: Joe Black Entertainment. Inc.

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