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Director of Job Placement Robert Scott Adams Interviewing an Omega graduate
Director of Job Placement Robert Scott Adams interviewing an Omega graduate.

Job placement is an important matter, that’s why helping you get your career started is a top priority at the Omega Studios’ School. We consider education a means to an end—not the end itself. And while we can’t guarantee a job for every student, we work very hard to make that happen. We believe that our practical, hands-on approach to learning, small classes, and real world education facilities provide our graduates with a decided advantage to prospective employers.

Job placement assistance actually begins with Personal & Career Skills classes that start the very first week of your academic coursework. These classes will effectively prepare you to enter the job market by helping you develop your networking skills, job interview techniques, and strategy for starting or enhancing your career in the audio industry. By the time you have completed these classes, you will have narrowed your career focus, mastered numerous job search skills and techniques, learned how to prepare an effective cover letter and resume, and answered dozens of mock job interview questions.

The Job Placement Office serves as a bridge between students and prospective employers. It conducts an aggressive outreach to a wide variety of audio and music industry businesses, offering them free employment agency services and access to our large pool of graduates and experienced alumni. The Omega Studios’ School builds strong relationships with prospective employers, and carefully matches Omega graduates with available employment opportunities.

In addition, both graduates and current students receive frequent communications from the Job Placement Office, including newsletters that post job opportunities, job search and career advice, advice from successful graduates, and words of encouragement. Job placement assistance is available to all graduates at no charge, regardless of their completion date, to help them reach their continuing career goals, develop job search strategies, assess résumé strengths and weaknesses, and prepare for interviews.

Our success in job placement is a matter of record. Omega has a very large network of successful graduates throughout the recording and music industry, and the vast majority of our graduates find audio related employment soon after completion of their studies. This notably high achievement rate is the result of the superior technical education, along with extensive job placement services provided by The Omega Studios’ School.

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