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The Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences


The Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges(ACCSC), the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) and MHEC for Veterans Benefits.


Omega Studios’ School participates in the Federal Student Aid program for Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, and Parent PLUS Loans for financial aid assistance.


We believe that our practical, hands-on approach to learning, small classes, and real world education facilities provide our graduates with a decided advantage to prospective employers.

Two Types of Programs to Choose From

Career Program

Omega is not like other recording schools. We are a school that trains our students in the same, professional studios used by the clients of Omega Recording Studios, and those students receive the highest caliber of audio production education available. Our Programs are designed from the ground up to offer students the best training to become a professional in the Music, Television, Radio, and Video Game Industries.

Offering that professional, yet informal setting for our students is at the core of the recording school’s appeal and success. Omega’s professional working recording studios become specially equipped classrooms for the workshops, lectures, and hands-on training given by actual audio engineers who work regularly with world-renowned artists. Hands-on training is a vital component to each student’s success, so we make sure that each student receives ample time in the classroom and in the studios, to hone their skills. What’s more, music legends have walked the halls and recorded here since 1968. Omega is a piece of music recording history and we invite you to join this elite club.

Audio Engineering for Film and Television 

 9 Courses | 752 Hours

Are you ready to break into the exciting world of film and television audio engineering?

The Omega Studios' Audio Engineering for Film and Television program is your ticket to success! Our comprehensive curriculum combines the fundamental concepts and abilities of audio engineering with specialized education and training in the areas unique to soundtracks for feature films and television programs.

You'll receive hands-on training using the latest equipment used in major movie and television studios worldwide. Our program prepares you to become a highly trained audio engineer qualified in the very latest concepts and methods used in the industry.

Enroll now and start your journey to a rewarding career in film and television audio engineering!

The Comprehensive Recording Industry

12 Courses | 900 Hours

Unlock endless possibilities with The Omega Studios' Comprehensive Recording Industry program. Our carefully crafted curriculum provides a strong educational foundation for a career in audio recording and production.

Designed for highly motivated students, this program combines the best of both worlds - Audio Engineering for the Music Industry and Audio Engineering for Film and Television. With this program, you'll have the greatest possible choice of jobs in the music, motion picture, or television industries.

Enroll now and become an audio engineer equipped to take on any position in the industry!




5 Courses, 328 Hours



4 Courses, 290 hours



4 courses, 252 hours



3 courses, 220 hours


Protools Classroom

Eight individual stations installed with Pro Tools. Each student has their own station utilizing an array of gear at their disposal including interfaces and MIDI keyboard controllers.

MIDI Classroom | One-stop-shop for all things MIDI

Contains Individual stations loaded with Reason, Logic, and Ableton Live DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), students will be able to learn the ins and out of MIDI, synthesizers, and electronic music

Discover Your Musical Potential: Join Our Open House Event Today! 

Take a tour of our state-of-the-art recording studio and step inside the world of production. Get ready to rock your future by reserving your spot our school recording arts & science Open House and learn about our programs, courses and LIVE recording session and performance.

What Our Alumni Are Saying

My liking for the Distressor - API chain may come from my experience at Omega Studios. Their API room sounded incredible, and I loved to track through their API preamps and EQs.” — Paul Tingen, (Sound On Sound)

Gimel “Young Guru” Keaton

Young Guru acquired his love for music at an early age. He always knew that he wanted to attend a school such as Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences. Starting as an amateur DJ in the Washington, DC Area, he bought all of his own equipment in his teens. Working with the assortment of gear at his disposal, it sparked a love for music technology that has stayed with him since.

After a successful stint DJing for rapper Nonchalant, he used the money he earned to enroll at Omega Studios’ School. After graduation, Nonchalant’s producer Chucky Thompson hired him to come work for him. In the same year Young Guru went independent and moved to New York, where he met Memphis Bleek. Young Guru used the knowledge he attained at Omega Recording Studios Studios’ School to help Memphis Bleek on his “The Understanding” (2000) album, which was recorded under the fledgling Roc-A-Fella Records.

Being one of the original artists recorded with Roc-A-Fella, Memphis Bleek was close to one of its founders, Jay-Z. The rest is history. Jay-Z quickly became attuned to Young Guru’s engineering prowess, and hired his to work on his single “Girls, Girls, Girls”. The success of that single solidified Jay-Z and Young Guru’s relationship, which led them to create The Blueprint 1 and 2, as well as arguably Jay-Z’s most successful album; The Black Album.

Stan Greene

“It [Omega Recording School/Studio] totally opened up my eyes to a new way of looking at sound,” says Stan.

Mixed Records (Music & Film)

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