Graduate Testimonials

Omega Studios Graduates

We asked our graduates the following question: “In a few sentences, tell us how you felt about being a student at The Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences.”

It was good, unique, and detailed. I appreciate all of the time, wisdom, and knowledge the instructors gave me in the studio. Thank you to the staff as well for working with me and assisting me to ensure I completed the program! I will be grateful for eternity.

Eduardo Patino, 2024 Graduate

Being a student at Omega is great. The instructors really know their stuff and being able to work on big industry consoles is awesome.

Enrique Golden, 2024 Graduate

Omega was a very insightful experience. I learned more than I ever believed I would, and had a great time.

Drew Madden – 2024 Graduate

My experience at Omega has been insightful. I’ve gained much more experience thanks to Omega and now have the knowlege required to start my career.

Caleb Williams, 2024 Graduate

I feel very proud and privledged to have the opportunity to attend this school. It is something that I’ll always have with me on my career path.

Noah Castro, 2024 Graduate

It’s a great opportunity/experience and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to attend this school.

Brianna Martin, 2024 Graduate

My experience as an Omega studenthas been a good one, throughout the challenges. I have been able to learn more about Audio Engineering than I could imagine.

Leonard Lucas, 2024 Graduate

At first, I felt lost and overwhelmed, but as classes passed I found my footing. The instructors always took time to explain any question I had, no matter how basic the question was. Having an actual console to practive on was also a huge plus.

Anthony Ciccalese, 2024 Graduate

Going to Omega was an important stepping stone not only for my career, but for my life as well.

Max Storm, 2024 Graduate

I’m grateful to have been an Omega student. Everyone I speak to gives Omega very high regards when I mention it. A lot of geat people, a lot of knowledge, and valuable info you can’t find anywhere else as long as I know. Great environment, Love it!

Tes Lamin, 2024 Graduate

The experience was good! I made a lot of connections, and now I have a clear understanding of what to expect in the Music Industry.

Wayne Goss II, 2023 Graduate

It felt pretty good. I’ve never been in an environment where everyone was genuinely and like what they do.

Chris Vanterpool, 2022 Graduate

I feel welcomed being a student at The Omega Studios’ School. Any questions I needed to ask any of the instructors was met with an answer. I would recommend people to go to The omega Studios’ School.

Miya ttiu, 2022 Graduate

I feel that the school definetly prepares its students for jobs in the audio feild.

Kevin Orlin, 2022 Graduate

Definitely enlightening, I’m grateful get to meet so many cool people. I hope all this pays off in the end because all i want to do is keep being creative in music and other related mediums. I believe Omega opened doors that present those kinds of opportunities, Thank you! <3

Branden arias, 2022 Graduate

Omega helped do what most four-year traditional school cannot, in this field. I feel that I have gained experience that is invaluable, and Omega has given me an advantage over any other audio engineer.

Jacob albert, 2022 Graduate

I feel like being a student here was the best decision I’ve ever made career-wise & knowledge-wise. I’ve learned so much that i would not have on my own!

Shannon Wilson Jr., 2022 Graduate

I never touched any software or gear before coming to Omega so everything was new to me. Learning new things everyday kept me engaged, while the lessons were always fun. The best thing is when everything starts clicking, I am now confident in my skills and am excited to keep growing.

Rashel Ricciuti, 2022 Graduate

I am grateful to have been a student at Omega.

Erika Brown, 2024 Graduate

Omega is a phenomenal school. It sets students up for success in completing the course of instruction and in furtherance of their goals in the recording industry. I would recommend Omega to anyone seeking a career in the recording industry without hesitation.

Gean Alston, 2021 Graduate

My decision to attend Omega was probably the most important one I’ve made. I have learned so much about Audio Engineering during my time here, not only from the courses but from the experience of the Engineers here as well as my peers.

Violet Barnhart, 2021 Graduate

Overall my experience at Omega was great. I learned a great deal from my teachers and fellow classmates. The Administration was very patient and respectful. The teachers were very knowledgeable and knew how to convey their lessons in a way that was both engaging and thought-provoking.

John Funderburk, 2020 Graduate

Now having completed the program, I realize I am capable of doing so much more than just producing. This program has opened my eyes to many more opportunities than I would have thought available to me. I feel more confident in my abilities knowing how things work together.

Corwin “Cory” Raabe, 2021 Graduate

I am proud to be a student here at Omega. I’m very fortunate to have explored this opportunity, expanding my knowledge of sound as well as my network of creatives.

Kristina Paleos, 2021 Graduate

I loved being a student here. I am happy that there is a school like this in my area to teach me about Audio Engineering. I think that the program is well designed and the instructors are all very helpful.

Charles Hiep, 2021 Graduate

I felt like it was an awesome experience being able to have closer relationships with the teachers and being able to ask questions and learn things pertaining to music. A lot of knowledge shared, and great lesson-giving teachers. I learned a lot in terms of musical understanding and musical foundation. Would definitley reccomend!

Joseph Getachew, 2021 Graduate

The best educational program I have experienced. Thoroughly comprehensive in both technical and literature based learning.

Hersh Singh, 2021 Graduate

I loved my experience and I am sad that it’s over. Feels like it flew by. Sucks the pandemic happened during the middle of my time here, but I still learned so much and really enjoyed my experience.

Adam Poling, 2021 Graduate

The most informational and informative Audio Engineering training I have personally experienced or witnessed.

Joshua Hahn, Jr., 2021 Graduate

Omega feels like a family. Super welcoming right off the bat and all the students are about helping each other get through school. The teachers are there whenever you need them and the staff is dedicated to our education.

Keegan Long, 2021 Graduate

It exceeded all of my expectations. The teachers were great and, with everything being hands-on, it made things very easy to understand.

Jocelyn Dennis, 2020 Graduate

I feel like the program taught me a lot! Being a student at Omega also humbled me and showed me that most audio professionals are not stars overnight. I found the training to be well rounded.

Shaun Delaney, 2021 Graduate

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Omega and I am glad I decided to go to school here. I have learned a lot not only about audio, but about myself and life in general. I look forward to the future after attending Omega.

Mike Flemming, 2021 Graduate

I’ve learned a lot of valuable information in a year. I feel capable/confident that I can perform well in any avenue I choose.

Josue D. Funes, 2021 Graduate

Omega was very helpful and provided me with much technical knowledge of Audio Engineering, as well as bettering my understanding for proper etticute in the world of Audio Engineering.

Alec Young, 2021 Graduate

I truly loved the program. Very hands-on, exactly what I needed. Covid was an unfortunate situation, but you guys did all you could.

Luke Gladfelter, 2021 Graduate

I feel proud for accomplishing something. I am also grateful for all of hte support I have recieved from the staff at Omega.

Isaiah Proctor, 2021 Graduate

My experience at Omega has taught me many things about being a Sound Engineer that I feel I would not learn anywhere else.

Camisha Jenifer, 2021 Graduate

I very much enjoyed my time at the Omega Studios’ School. The staff and instructors have been very helpful and kowledgeable.

Ryan Wheeler, 2021 Graduate

All of the instructors were extremely knowledgeable and always helpful with any audio/video questions I had. I loved my experience here in-person.

Socrates Matthews, 2021 Graduate

Omega is a great place to learn about anything audio-related. There are people there doing the same studies and overall those connections are very important.

Phil DiMercurio, 2021 Graduate

I enjoyed my time at Omega and I really think I got most of what I wanted out of the program.

Lester Overton, Jr., 2021 Graduate

I feel that Omega helped me focus on the things that will help me be a true professional in whichever field I pursue, and I felt that there was always help whenever I needed it.

John Bonilla, 2021 Graduate

I feel more confident about achieving my goals now that I’ve attended Omega. I’ve eased my parents’ concerns and am on track to achieving what I’ve set out to do.

Jeffery Diggs, 2021 Graduate

It was a great learning experience for me. I definitely have grown a lot in understanding the fundamentals of this career.

Edgar Grijalva, 2021 Graduate

I really enjoyed Omega. It is definitely a unique experience. Not everyone can say they got to learn about mixing music in school. The instructors are great, and I really like the hands-on aspect as well as the small class sizes. It really is a great way for me to learn what is being taught.

Nick Bailey, 2021 Graduate

I feel very lucky to have these opportunities and connections that come with being an Omega student.

Daniel Baehr, 2021 Graduate

Being a student felt like a real chance to figure out the field. The resources for students were available and the insight and training were very helpful.

Robert Carter, 2021 Graduate

I felt really good being a student at Omega. I have learned a lot and I strongly think I’m ready to go into the professional wold and display what I have been taught.

Itai Wanyou, 2021 Graduate

It was an amazing experience that I feel equipped me to work in the industry.

Camden Pugh, 2021 Graduate

I received the knowledge and experience I needed from The Omega Studios’ School.

Spencer Law, 2021 Graduate

It was a wonderful, insightful, and educational time. It was enlightening to engage and share a common interest with like-minded younger people.

James Anderson, 2019 Graduate

I feel good about my experience at Omega because I learned many studio basics.

Ethan Reedy, 2021 Graduate

Being a student here was a phenomenal experience. I don’t view this as “school”. I was showing up doing something that I have a huge passion for. I made a great group of friends along the way as well.

Theo Nowlin, 2019 Graduate

I loved my time at Omega and I would recommend it to anyone. I now feel that I could walk into any studio and record or mix, and I didn’t have that knowledge before I came.

Israel Miller, 2018 Graduate

Being a student at Omega can sometimes be hard, due to having to learn so much in a short amount of time, but it’s very worth the money and time. The way the instructors teach is very good. I’ve come so far compared to when I first started at Omega when I barely knew anything about music production and engineering.

Tyler Nishi Sechler, 2020 Graduate

I felt good being a student here. The environment is chill and welcoming.

Ryan Felton, 2018 Graduate

The program taught me the knowledge I needed for the industry. It also prepared me for business opportunities.

Adam Hashish, 2021 Graduate

I really enjoyed being an Omega student. The curriculum was thorough, the instructors were patient and great at relaying their knowledge, and Robert and Denise were very helpful in helping me figure out life after Omega. I feel confident in my abilities and I believe I was adequately prepared for success as a professional Audio Engineer.

Bryan Royster, 2019 Graduate

I enjoyed my time at Omega very much. The skills that I have learned here will help me succeed in the field well into the future, and I am glad I made the choice to attend school here.

Charles Wagner, 2019 Graduate

Without a doubt, the instructors were very well versed and knowledgeable in everything they taught. This helped greatly. The fact that they seemed genuinely interested helped as well, and that was able to translate into the way they taught. I feel like the student experience is unique and very beneficial.

Robert Anderson, 2018 Graduate

Being a student at Omega was a good learning experience.

Jonathan Melendez, 2018 Graduate

I think being a student at Omega was the best thing I have ever done and invested my time into.

John Leech, 2019 Graduate

I feel empowered and inspired by what I’ve learned here. I’m proud to be an Omega Graduate.

Patrick Firestein, 2019 Graduate

I felt happy about being a student at Omega because of the warm environment, working with audio professionals, and all the new things I learned from them and my classmates.

Rudy Guillen, 2019 Graduate

I feel that I’ve learned more things that I never knew about before. Getting the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the consoles and other DAWs really made me more open-minded.

Myo Hardy, 2019 Graduate

I felt overwhelmed at first, being out of school for over 26 years. After a few weeks of classes, I fell into a working groove. At the age I am at, graduating from school was an invigorating experience, to say the least.

Michael Gray, 2019 Graduate

I feel honored that I was able to be trained by top-tier professionals. I think coming here has trained me better for how to work a console rather than doing it on my own.

Justus Bryan, 2019 Graduate

I feel that I learned enough to start my career and move on into the real world, starting my job in the music industry.

Lorenza Davis, 2019 Graduate

I am proud of having a footprint in the school’s record as a student. I am grateful for all of the knowledge and the time the instructors poured into me. I have learned so much and am more confident to take on new endeavors in my career.

Kayla Epps, 2020 Graduate

It has helped me get acclimated, driven, and achieve my goals.

Chernoh Kamara, 2020 Graduate

It was a great opportunity for me to interact with both faculty and fellow students, both to pick their brains and see how they work.

Keith Umbach, 2019 Graduate

I feel confident in my ability to navigate Pro Tools and the recording studio. I am very pleased with my education and I look forward to putting it to good use.

Rocco Cipriano, 2020 Graduate

It was a great experience where I learned a lot about Audio Engineering and the science behind it.

Ronnie Moore, 2020 Graduate

I feel delighted. Omega fulfilled all of my expectations, and then some.

Max Smith, 2020 Graduate

Being a student was great. The staff was and are very friendly and knowledgeable of the subjects. My fellow classmates were also cool and friendly. If I had a chance to do it all over again, I would.

German Quezada Gaete, 2020 Graduate

It felt like a family. When you discover your cohort, it is amazing how close you become in such a short time. I am leaving feeling accomplished.

Antoine Kingsbury, 2019 Graduate

It was awesome, I loved it. I learned a lot more than I was expecting to.

Aquil Sudah, 2019 Graduate

Overall, I really valued my time at Omega. From the instructors, to general staff members and fellow students, everyone helps harbor a positive learning environment. I am an entirely different person now than I was when I started this program, and I have the connections I made along the way to thank for that.

Lee Reber, 2019 Graduate

Being a student here was a great experience. I came into Omega not knowing anything about the industry or techniques for producing. I learned a lot and I use almost all of the tools that were taught.

Jocelynne Ruiz, 2019 Graduate

I feel grateful for the experience. I learned a lot here and I would say I am a better Audio Engineer and person from the experience. I know I can take my knowledge from Omega and apply it to my career.

Charlse Turner III, 2019 Graduate

I enjoyed it more than any school I’ve been to. I honestly believe that Omega has instilled a new purpose in my life, and has given me all of the information I need to move forward as an Audio Engineer.

Steph Rohde. 2019 Graduate

I felt like I was involved in a very professional environment.

Felipe Osorio, 2018 Graduate

I feel being a student at Omega was great. I learned more than I expected to learn, and I got clarification on stuff I wasn’t sure I knew too well.

Abel Machado, 2019 Graduate

I really enjoyed being a student at Omega. Personally, the tests made me feel accomplished when I passed them, and I treated them like stages of assessments which reflected how much I had learned.

Jared Mattocks, 2019 Graduate

It was great. I truly learned a lot about tons of stuff. The environment was great, the instructors were even better, I made friends with people who shared common interests, and contracts/clients to help me grow within my new craft.

Corey Readling, 2019 Graduate

I feel extremely blessed and grateful for all of the great experiences I had here at Omega. I gained a huge amount of knowledge and a unique education I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. Thank you EVERYONE!!!

Jebreel Adonis, 2019 Graduate

I appreciate the amount of book knowledge. I now know where to start to further my knowledge, experience, and techniques.

Damian Bess, 2019 Graduate

Going to Omega has given me a vast skill set that I will never forget.

Ty Baylock, 2019 Graduate

One of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much here and had so much fun doing it.

Tim Bridgwood, 2019 Graduate

I enjoyed being a student at The Omega Studios’ School. Omega lived beyond my expectations with how much I thought I would learn. I would recommend this school to anyone thinking about applying.

Brandon Kenneth Redd, 2019 graduate

It was a great experience and opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and instructors. I would recommend the school to anyone looking to further their technical knowledge in the Audio Recording Industry.

Selah Konur, 2019 Graduate

I learned a lot of things that I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. My teachers did a very good job and made sure I was understanding the things we went over in class. It was challenging at times, but rewarding.

William Tyler Jordan, 2019 Graduate

I feel accomplished. Completing the Audio Engineering for the Music Industry Program made me feel prepared to walk through the doors of any major studio.

Tiara Lonon, 2019 Graduate

I feel like I have learned a lot at Omega, and I feel like I got more experience here than I would have trying on my own. It’s a well-known school and has opened many doors for me in my career.

Cameron Bittinger, 2019 Graduate

I loved it. I’ve never enjoyed school this much and now I know what I want to do and how to do it.

Brian Brecher, 2019 Graduate

I enjoyed learning from the instructors with their different teaching methods. Being able to get my hands on the equipment helped a lot. Overall the experience was great.

Erik Blanco, 2019 Graduate

Being a student at Omega was like an adventure. Everyone is pretty much on their own and it’s up to you to determine how great you can be. There are a lot of resources, but you have to jump on every great opportunity and learn as much as you can.

Raeford Bush, 2019 Graduate

I feel blessed and thankful. My life has truly changed in 11 months. I went from having dreams and working a 9-5 that I hated just to get by in this world, to having multiple interviews in an industry that I love. I can work in music, speak it, and understand it. I am extremely happy.

Christopher Robinson II, 2019 Graduate

I feel like Omega helped me be confident on a professional level and taught me the standards of Audio Engineering.

Felipe Osorio, 2019 Graduate

I feel accomplished. I also feel that Omega helped me become a hard-working individual and a perfectionist.

Ryan Felton, 2019 Graduate

Omega was very unexpected for me. Within a year my understanding of music and the business, as well as my passion grew. I am very thankful for the opportunity.

Marvin Sikes, 2019 Graduate

I like how everyone is helpful, good at giving advice, and very professional.

Cedric Vines, 2018 Graduate

Among other things, being a student at Omega has informed me both socially and practically as a musician and as an Audio Engineer.

Seth Seabolt, 2018 Graduate

This school helped me gain an understanding of creating music, as well as working all fields of Sound for Film and Television. It has been an eye-opening experience.

Trevor Campbell, 2018 Graduate

It was a very rewarding experience and helped me grow into a well-rounded Audio Engineer.

Michael Preston, 2018 Graduate

My year at Omega was one of the best in my life. The rate of growth, personally and academically, while I’ve been here has been astounding. I leave Omega feeling much more confident about pursuing a career in Audio Engineering and Music Production.

Kyle Metcalfe, 2018 Graduate

It was a great experience. I am glad I chose to attend. The teachers are great and the program really prepared me for this industry.

Roosevelt Harris, 2018 Graduate

It’s the best opportunity I could have asked for. Learning by doing, with experienced and knowledgeable teachers and a fantastic student environment was the perfect fit for me. The dedication the staff has to help students even after graduation doesn’t hurt either.

Ross MacDonald, 2018 Graduate

I feel as though I absorbed sufficient knowledge and skills that can give me a direction to get started in my career.

Victor Camacho, 2018 Graduate

I feel confident in my understanding of recording, mixing, etc.. I also feel like being in the environment created by Omega has taught me skills that can be applicable to a variety of industries outside of music as well.

Thomas Moore, 2018 Graduate

I feel like this was one of the best hands-on experiences that i have had. I learned a lot of things that I was missing. I know how to approach a mix the way it should be; fast and effectively.

Trey Bowers, 2018 Graduate

I felt like every day in the classroom or the studio I was being challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone. Being a student there showed me what it takes to be an Audio Engineer, including the risks and sacrifices. Overall these things are what made me the Audio Engineer I am today.

Anthony Zapata, 2018 Graduate

Great experience, would do it again if I could. I enjoyed the very hands-on approach.

Giovan Corsetti, 2018 Graduate

Being a student at Omega was fun. I got to meet like-minded individuals, it was something new and exciting, and I found a passion for Film and Television. It was cool seeing all the different personalities of the teachers, and how different their ways achieving sounds are.

Nakeythia Burton, 2018 Graduate

I very much enjoyed my time as a student. It taught me discipline in places where I hadn’t before known as important. I have gained a great amount of knowledge and insight for my future endeavors in audio.

Salim Hassam Williams, 2018 Graduate

Being a student at Omega was great. I learned way more than anticipated and it has pushed me to want to keep learning and improving in the field. I’ve met a lot of great people and I hope to keep those connections and gain more in the future.

Ryan West, 2018 Graduate

Omega is transparent in their required study time. You work and you are challenged beyond your comfort zone. That makes you more confident moving forwards.

Robin Smith, 2018 Graduate

It feels really good to come to Omega everyday. It’s not like a regular school; the environment is very creative and fun. I’m proud I went to Omega.

Daniel Jarrell Rourke, 2017 Graduate

I enjoyed the hands-on learning experience. Learning the same curriculum from a book without being able to apply it wouldn’t have been as effective.

Turner Truiett, 2018 Graduate

I enjoyed the more relaxed, less formal environment as opposed to college. Most of the classes feel more useful and more exciting than a more traditional classroom.

Christian Knight, 2018 Graduate

I feel like it is a great environment to learn in. I love the energy and excitement and how passionate everyone is about music. I feel I could become better at understanding the vocabulary and keep increasing my thirst for knowledge and become a great Audio engineer.

Raeford Bush, 2018 Graduate

Being a student at Omega was great. Since I started in January, I’ve been able to connect with my peers and make relationships I have no doubt will transition into the professional realm of this industry. The teachers have made their knowledge known, and I’m learning more every day.

Antonio Vega, 2018 Graduate

I felt pretty good about being an Omega student because they have achievements that not too many other schools have & I love how they teach they way they do.

Jadon Ware, 2018 Graduate

It was a fantastic experience. I learned a lot. Great community to be a part of.

Giovan Corsetti, 2018 Graduate

I enjoyed every second. It is a lot, but it prepared me for the industry and I was glad to be along for the ride.

Joshua Reyes, 2018 Graduate

I am honored to have been a part of this program. I’ve never been so excited and enthusiastic about coming to school. The teachers are great, the program is thorough and covers everything I wanted to learn plus more. A dream come true.

Roosevelt Harris, 2018 Graduate

Omega was a very eye-opening experience for me. The things that I know now I use every day in my own music. Its made me a better Audio Engineer and Musician overall.

Seth Seabolt, 2018 Graduate

I thoroughly enjoyed being a student of not just Omega, but the Music Industry as a whole. Omega made it logical and easier to learn what could’ve taken me years to do on my own.

Victor Camacho, 2018 Graduate

It was a great experience. Learned a lot from many different instructors, which taught me different approaches to similar situations.

Craig Thompson, 2018 Graduate

The feeling was amazing. I learned way more than I thought I could. I enjoyed the Live Sound part of the program because that is my strongest talent.

Joshua Jones, 2018 Graduate

I feel like being a student at Omega has given me all of the tools I need to succeed in the Music Industry with great passion.

Antonio Vega, 2018 Graduate

I felt encouraged and ready to learn every day. Being a student at Omega was a therapeutic feeling for me. I enjoyed being a student.

Choncie Briley, 2018 Graduate

Being a student at Omega was a good experience. I felt welcomed as soon as the first class started. The Engineers know a lot, so them teaching me felt like my own personal internship.

Jacsen White, 2018 Graduate

As a graduate I feel as if I have gained really valuable information about Audio Engineering that most people won’t or can’t acquire. I have also felt that I have retained the information and not just “remembered” the material for just in the moment.

Michael Griggs, 2018 Graduate

I am proud in many ways. The courses had different obstacles to overcome but all of the teachers cared and would go out of their way to make sure we were doing alright. I love the passion of the Omega staff for this.

William Taylor Simpson, 2018 Graduate

The school is very experienced and knowledgeable with specific audio details. Well structured and trained staff members.

Rudo Thorne, 2018 Graduate

It was an empowering experience I have not felt in any other program. Every time I step onto school grounds, I have meaningful interactions with the professors, staff, and classmates. There was never a moment where I wasn’t learning something.

Andrew Berry, 2018 Graduate

This was honestly the best school experience I’ve ever had. I learned so much and made lots of friends. I just can’t believe it’s over.

Jake Auby, 2019 Graduate

It felt great being a student here. I feel like I have access to knowledge and training that your average upcoming Audio engineer would kill for.

Dell Ngonga, 2019 Graduate

I enjoyed my time at Omega. I feel I’ve learned a considerable amount.

Ayodele Popoula, 2018 Graduate

I am happy with my experience here. I learned a lot about recording, mixing, producing, and the Music Industry as a whole.

Joseph Miller, 2019 Graduate

It was rough in the beginning because I had never experienced that level of hands-on training before. But, with a lot of determination and hard work, I was able to successfully go through Omega and now I feel like an accomplished graduate.

Arthur Nelson-Williams, 2019 Graduate

I loved it. I met a lot of great people and the teachers taught me a lot.

Brian Donfor, 2018 Graduate

Overall I loved it. The teachers were very helpful and the courses go in-depth on studio knowledge I couldn’t have gotten elsewhere.

Blaise Stella, 2018 Graduate

Being a student at Omega was an interesting experience. I learned a lot about the technical side of the Music Industry.

Allysa Mulrain, 2018 Graduate

I learned a lot. Wish I could have attended full time. Will never forget my time here. It went by fast. Gave me a great start in music production.

Phil Murray, 2019 Graduate

Great experience. ALL instructors were helpful in having a student get a grasp on the material.

Vernon Jackson, 2018 Graduate

The experience was wonderful, the program was amazing.

Myles Green, 2019 Graduate

The Omega Studios’ School can be taken how you want it to be. You can grow with them, attend just to go to another school, or attend just for the passion of music. Either way, this school will connect with you in some way if you make it one of your steps into the Music Industry.

Kevin Elescano, 2019 Graduate

I feel like I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed my time here. There’s a lot I still need that can’t be taught in a year long program, but this still exceeded my expectations. I am pleased.

Alex Plungis, 2019 Graduate

The school presented many challenges that required me to really dig down and challenge myself. The Comprehensive Program was perfect for showing me different career paths in the Music Industry.

Hunter Barrett, 2019 Graduate

The instructors found ways of clearly teaching a hard topic. I feel the students are very lucky to have such great instructors.

Crhistian Ramirez, 2020 Graduate

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