Free Plug-in Offer from Soundtoys!

Omega Audio Engineering Students, Omega Blog readers, DAW users, and fans of audio engineering in general, now hear this:  Omega Studios’ engineer Peter Novak is spreading the word about a cool plug-in that is being offered for FREE by Soundtoys!


“Soundtoys is giving away their new plug-in, Little Primal Tap, for a limited time.  The plug-in is an emulation of the Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay.

To get your free copy of Little Primal Tap, use this link:


What can a delay plug-in do for your session?  Basically, delay functions are at the heart of all time based effects (and in the acoustic world, plays an integral part of our perception of space and directionality).  Simple effects that can be built on a delay like the Little Primal Tap include echo, slapback, and stereo imaging, as well as all kinds of chorus and flange effects.  Soundtoys’ website states: “Little PrimalTap lets you unleash your creative urges to echo, loop, warp, distort, mangle, or create cacophonous cascades of otherworldly sounds.”  In fact, Soundtoys has replicated the reduction in sample rate that occurs with each doubling of delay time, meaning that this plug-in might be just the ticket if you’re looking for a low-fi or ‘glitch’ type of effect.

Readers of the Omega Studios Blog should head on over and pick up this free plug-in while they still can, as it will only be available for a short time.

Thanks, Peter!

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