Free Plug-in Offer for Audio Engineers from Eventide

Omega Audio Engineering Students, Omega Blog readers, aspiring audio engineering school attendees, DAW users, and fans of audio engineering in general, we’ve got another one for you! This time from Omega Studios’ engineer Adam Stamper, who alerts us to a free plug-in from Eventide!

Eventide in Abelton Live

UltraChannel by Eventide is available as a free download up until July 8th

To get your free copy of UltraChannel, use this link:

Use the code 0F736710 to activate.  Enjoy!


What’s the idea behind UltraChannel?

As a longtime fan of Eventide’s signal processors (the H3000 was my favorite when I was a student here at Omega Studios’ School of Applied Arts and Sciences long ago, then later came the DSP4000), I’m always interested in what the company has to offer.  This plug-in consolidates several functions that you might find available in the channel strip of a high-end studio console, plus some extras.  The input section has a phase invert, the dynamics section features a gate plus two variations on compression (one of which is the ominously named O-pressor), the EQ section offers a generous five bands, each with selectable peak characteristics, and the output section models the sound of a transformer (coils and induction here, not the giant robot kind).  If that’s not enough, there’s a section with Eventide’s unique ‘micro-shift’ and another with sync-able stereo delays.

You could use UltraChannel for any one of these functions in your mix, as each section can be independently enabled.  You could also go for broke and use them all!  There’s a bunch of great presets provided by Eventide to show off the plug-ins many capabilities.  Possibly the neatest function is that the order of the modules in the top bank (gate, compressor, O-pressor, and EQ) can be switched around.  So you could EQ your compressor’s outputs, or vice versa!  Things get really interesting when you discover that the feedback path on the delay module can pick up from different points in the aforementioned dynamics signal path.  This leads to some neat tricks like filtered repeats and gated delays.

For a great discussion on the nuts and bolts of how several of these effects work, check out this great article written by Omega engineer Scotty O’Toole!


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