Free Audio Workshops

We are hosting a series of free audio workshops to help people who are interested in professional audio develop their skills. This first series of workshops cover a variety of topics, including Hip-Hop Beat Production, Pro Tools, Microphone Techniques, and Mixing. These workshops are virtual and we will be streaming the events live on our Facebook Page:

The details for each event are listed below. Please submit an RSVP below for any event that you are interested in participating in. You can also call us at 301-230-9100 or email if you are interested in getting trained to become a professional in the Music Industry.

Beat Production Audio Workshop w/ DJ UNOWN

Saturday, September 12th, 3:00 – 5:00 PM

Audio Workshop with DJ UNOWNDC

This workshop will highlight specific tools and techniques to help you develop your skills in hip-hop beat production. DJ UNOWN will be running the session. DJ UNOWN is a DMV native and is the MPC player for Oddisee and Good Compny. He has toured around the world. He will cover beat production, developing sounds, and managing a production session from start to finish. You will learn techniques covering a variety of hardware and software that you will be able to apply to your own production.

Pro Tools Q&A Audio Workshop

Thursday, September 17th, 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Pro Tools Audio Workshop

Do you have questions about Pro Tools? Are you looking for additional tips and techniques to help you speed up your Pro Tools workflow? Attend this audio workshop with Avid Pro Tools Expert Certified Engineer Jim Curtis! Jim is dual expert certified in both Music and Post-Production for Film and Television. He has been using Pro Tools professionally for 20 years. Jim will be able to answer any and all questions you have regarding Pro Tools.

Microphone Technique Audio Workshop

Thursday, September 24th, 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Microphone Technique Audio Workshop

Great professional audio starts at the source. This workshop is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of microphone selection and use in a professional recording environment. Speak with Audio Engineer Bill Mueller about your own setups, and best practices for your own recordings. Bill has been recording music for over 49 years and has an intimate knowledge of a wide variety of microphones and their proper implementation.

Mixing Audio Workshop

Thursday, October 1st, 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Mixing Audio Workshop

Improve your mixing technique by attending this free mixing workshop with professional Audio Engineer Scotty O’Toole! Scotty has been recording and mixing bands professionally for over 21 years. He will help you improve your session workflow and expand your understanding of how individual elements play their part in a mix. You will also learn how to use tools such as compression, equalization, sends & returns, and more!

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