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You want to become a recording professional, but you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. A school that is going to certify you as capable of serving as a recording engineer should itself be able to certify that it meets the criteria of a serious institution of learning.

The Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences has four starts per year, beginning in January, April, July and October. We offer both daytime and evening schedules. Most classes are four hours long, with evening classes meeting at 7 pm, and daytime classes meeting at 9 am, 10 am or 2 pm on weekdays. Some classes that require special instructors, or involve recording sessions with live musicians, may be scheduled on weekends.

Lecture classes meet in classrooms with large groups of students; however, the majority of the classes in the technical programs are taught in the recording studios, with small groups of eight students or fewer in each class. Since each of Omega’s five studios is designed and equipped differently, the location of each class meeting will vary according to the technical requirement of the curriculum for the specific class. At the start of each course within a program, students will be provided with a syllabus that includes the date, time and location for each class meeting.

The programs run concurrently, and each varies in the length of time required for completion. Daytime students can complete the Comprehensive Recording Industry or the Audio Engineering for Film and Television program in twelve months, or the Audio Engineering for the Music Industry program in ten months. Evening students
can complete the Comprehensive Recording Industry or the Audio Engineering for Film and Television program in fifteen months, or the Audio Engineering for the Music Industry  program in twelve months. Each of the Component programs taken individually can be completed in less than a year for either day or evening students. The Director of Admissions can give you specific scheduled start and end dates for any of the programs.

All of the programs at the Omega Studios’ School are intense. The curriculum is carefully crafted so that each class builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the classes that preceded it. Successful completion requires motivation from the student, and a commitment to attend every class. If you miss a class as a student, you will not have gained the knowledge and skill to progress and understand the information in the classes that follow. Therefore, if a class has been missed, it is important for you to make that class up without delay, usually through individual tutoring. The Director of Administration schedules make-up classes on an individual basis.