The C.L. Barnhouse Company Records Educational Music Publications at Omega Studios

010Jquery_Slideshow_StudioBarnhouse__Omega_II-026-.jpgLast month, the C.L. Barnhouse Company recorded a variety of music publications for educational purposes at Omega Studios in Rockville, Maryland. The C.L. Barnhouse Company is one of the longest-running and established music publishers in the United States. Since 1886, The Barnhouse Company has expanded their music catalog to include marching band publications, jazz band catalogs, the Norman Lee Publishing Catalog, military band publications, and catalogs designed for school bands.

Barnhouse worked with Omega Studios to record in Omega’s Studio A, one of the largest recording spaces on the east coast, the perfect fit for a large concert band. Studio A manages to maintain the professional level of quality that is expected of a world-class recording studio. Even though Studio A is spacious enough to fit large bands, the studio space has been painstakingly modified to eliminate any excess sounds that are prone to occur in large spaces (such as auditoriums and gymnasiums). With the players in their chairs, Conductor Edward Petersen at the podium, and the Audio Engineers behind the board, the Producers from Barnhouse got the sessions underway.

Barnhouse__Omega_II-057.pngThe sessions occurred over the course of two weeks in February, and featured a Big Band, a Large Concert Band, and a Small Concert Band. In total, over 70 pieces of music were recorded. The C.L. Barnhouse Company has catered to bands of lesser experience levels since their inception. The recording of educational music publications allows school bands to perform pieces usually reserved for professional and circus bands. The son of founder C.L. Barnhouse, C.L. Barhouse, Jr., actually introduced the first music publications designed specifically for school bands. This tradition continues today, with The C.L. Barnhouse Company being a leader in the Educational Music Publications industry.

As a studio and a school, Omega would like to thank Barnhouse Publications for continuing to support Music Education in the United States. We look forward to the next Barnhouse Publications recording session at Omega Studios!

If you would like more information on Barnhouse Publications, Check out their website here: Barnhouse

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  1. I am still looking for a recording of Karl King’s- The Golden Dragon- without success. The drugstore CVS plays the piece by an employee whose first name is Mark while one is on hold on their telephone line and today I heard it on a telephone line of Staples- an office supply company. Why is it so difficult to get this music Are there legal entanglements. I don’t want the overture- only the main musical sound I always hear.

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