Omega Graduates Score Big with National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation

NAB.pngThe National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation, or NABEF for short, is an organization dedicated to helping graduates across the United States establish a career in Broadcast Technology. The program seeks the best and brightest students who have studied video coding, IP audio and video, server-based audio and video, file-based audio and video, or radio and television transmission.

Year after year, Omega graduates have a good representation of students chosen for the coveted NABEF Technology Apprenticeship Program. Four out of the ten available spots for the program have been filled by recent Omega graduates. We at Omega Studios would like to extend our congratulations to recent graduates John Melvin, Stanley Kelley, Dante Barber, and Amy Willis for being chosen to participate in the 2016 Program.

The 6-month program takes participants through the world of Broadcast Engineering. In March, their first stop is at an informational webinar with industry professionals from NAB where they can ask them questions about the industry. The next month, participants will attend the NAB Show in Las Vegas. Here, they will be able to interact and network with leaders in the Broadcast Industry. In May, participants will receive 30 hours of rigorous training in broadcast technology. Afterwards, they will earn a certification in broadcast technology. After the certification, participants then begin a 2-month-long apprenticeship at a radio or television station.  John Melvin is pursuing leads at Disney Studios in Burbank as well. In August, participants will then receive hands-on training with broadcast equipment at a technology manufacturer site such as Ericsson, Dolby Laboratories, Harris Cooperation, NEP Broadcasting, and Harmonic, Inc. As the program draws to an end, participants will head back to NAB Headquarters in Washington, D.C. where they will prepare a presentation to be live-cast on the internet.


Historically, the Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences prepares its participants well. The Audio Engineering for Film and Television (AFT) Program at Omega is perfectly suited for preparing students for a career in Broadcast Engineering, among other Film and Television Industries. The AFT Program trains students in the fundamentals of Audio Engineering, as well as offering 120 hours of specialized training dedicated to developing sound tracks for film and television. An Omega AFT graduate will be well-suited to the demanding NABEF Technology Apprenticeship Program or any other Broadcast Industry position.

The NABEF more than prepares it’s participants for successful careers in the Broadcast Industry by getting their foot in the door, as well as presenting numerous networking opportunities. I got a chance to sit down with John Melvin, a recent Omega Graduate and NABEF participant, and talk with him about his aspirations and goals after he completes the program. John is already working at The Howard Theatre, gaining experience as a stagehand and Audio Technician. However, John has already started to make plans for after he finishes the NABEF Program. He is in touch with Producer Jimi Hendrix, and, using his NABEF experience, plans on helping him with the television show “Calltime”. “Calltime” is a show about the people behind television and broadcast, so it will be a perfect fit for John.

As the program gets underway, we at the Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences wish the participants the best of luck on their journey through the world of Broadcast Engineering.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Audio Engineering for Film and Television Program or any of Omega’s other programs, check out this link: Curriculum

For information about the National Association of Broadcasters and their Technology Apprenticeship Program, click here: NABEF


The following are links to the federal ‘Gainful Employment Disclosure’ templates. These disclosures reflect data for students enrolled 7/1/14 – 6/30/15. The information provided includes items such as program costs, program length, financing options for that program, completion, and placement rates.

Please note, is there were less than 10 graduates from a specific program within the surveyed time period, the school was not required to provide data.

AFT Day Program Disclosures

AFT Evening Program Disclosures

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