At Omega Recording Studios, we keep tabs on the latest industry trends. We also provide useful tips to help you improve your recording and mixing quality and techniques. Click the blog links below to read more! Future newsletters will be presented and forwarded to those hoping for a career in the music industry. With updates on our current students transitioning to jobs in the professional music industry, we will update this page for encouragement and inspiration. We love presenting our graduates, so check out our graduate’s page for more examples of individuals changing their career paths with Omega!

Choosing a Microphone – Part 1

Choosing a Microphone – Part 2

How to Plug in a Mixer – Part 1

Composer Ed Madden Records His Music at Omega Studios

5 Steps to Sampling an Instrument (Kawai)

A Thank You to Composer Edward J. Madden

5 Steps to Sampling an Instrument (Celeste)

Free Plug-in Offer for Audio Engineers from Eventide

What is Corporate Audio?

Recognition: Omega Recording School’s June 2013 Graduating Class

Music Legend Arturo Sandoval Records at Omega Studios

The Washington Winds Records New Album at Omega Recording Studios for German Publisher

What’s the Bit Rate?

Omega Grad Stan Greene Mixes a Billboard Chart Hit

The Importance of Learning on Analog Tape

Audio Engineering isn’t all about Rock and Hip-Hop

Audio Engineering Students Tour Discovery Channel

NAB’s Technology Apprenticeship Program Welcomes Omega Graduates

Audio Engineering From a Musical Perspective

Blog Series on Audio Engineering Production Techniques: Part 1 Feedback for Engineering Students

Blog Series on Audio Engineering Production Techniques: Part 2 Sound Layering

Maximizing Recording Studio Time

Omega Studios’ 2013 Audio Year In Review

Top 5 Recommended Resolutions for Musicians in 2017

Audio Benchmarks: Crafting Our Ears

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! Which Audio Engineering School?

Boldly Go Where No Audio Engineering Student Has Gone Before

Audio Engineering Graduate Spotlight

Omega Welcomes Recording Engineer Bill Mueller

Using Vocal Mics to Record Vocals

Audio Engineering Graduate Spotlight: Brenda L. Ford

Audio Engineering Session Organization

SSL’s Marc DeGeorge Gives a Presentation at Omega Recording Studios

Free Plug-in Offer from Soundtoys!

Think Professional, Be Professional, Stay Professional!

March 22nd SRLP Broadcast Lab with Gina DeLuca a Great Success

Omega Supports Keith Killgo and Friends Show at HR 57

Omega Students Record Tracks for “Miss It All” by Artist Tommy Sherrod

Engineer Profile: Neal Keller

Grammy Nominee Joins One of MD’s Leading Audio Production Schools

Omega Speaker Series: Do you Want This Audio Engineering Job?

What Makes a Good Recording Engineer – Article from Tape Op

One Recording Engineer’s Dynamic Way to EQ a Vocal

Super Session 2014: A free Hands-on Recording Workshop

Here is a Truly HOT Drum Setup Tip

Preparing Audio Files for Mastering

Omega Records for Make A Wish Foundation

Reverse Reverb Audio Engineering Technique – Part I: Analog

Reverse Reverb Audio Engineering Technique – Part II: Digital (DAW)

Time-Based Processing in the Recording Studio

Audio File Sharing in the 21st Century

US. Navy Veteran Follows a Career in Audio Engineering

Self-directing Your Audio Engineering Education

From the Silent Service to The Audio Engineering Studio

What it Means to Me to Teach at The Omega Studios’ School

Audio Engineering School Student Lands Coveted NAB Internship

Tips for Audio Engineering Students: Creating a “Doubling” Effect

5 “Secret” Pro Tools Shortcuts

5 Tips To Prepare You for Interviewing for a Recording Studio Job

5 Pro Tools “Gotchas”

Learn Live Sound: Understanding Press Feeds

Blog Series on Audio Engineering Production Techniques: Part 3- Vocal Layering

An 8 Step How-to on Analog Tape Flange

Two Examples of Side-Chaining in Logic

Part 1: MIDI Beat Clock and the Three Dimensions of Sync

Part 2: MIDI Beat Clock and the Three Dimensions of Sync

MusiCorps Session at Omega Studios with Roger Waters, Billy Corgan, GE Smith

Omega Graduates Score Big with National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation

My Open House Experience

Omega Graduate Produces Song on Hamburger Helper’s “Watch the Stove” Mixtape

Sound Design: Subtractive vs Additive Synthesis

7 Must See Movies for Audio Engineers

Five Great FREE Soft Synths for Mac

Tips for Audio Engineering Students: Quick Phase Check in Pro Tools

DIY MIDI Controller

Five Mistakes Beginning Mix Engineers Make

Five Things Every Engineer Should Know

7 Book Recommendations for Audio Engineers

Even and Odd Harmonics (Synthesis and Sound Design Training)

Headphones? More like “Hear-phones”!

The C.L. Barnhouse Company Records Educational Music Publications at Omega Studios

Richard Burgess Takes His Next Step

Audio Gifts Under the Tree: Free Plug-ins!

Audio Workshop: Attack of the Compressor!

Audio Workshop: Re-Amplification Techniques

Audio Engineering Graduate Spotlight: Brenda L. Ford

Omega Engineer Profile: Scotty O’Toole


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