Beat Battle 2017

Beat Battle

Welcome to the 2017 Omega Studios’ Beat Battle!

*Deadline for First-Round Submissions is October 1st!*

Have what it takes? Win 10 hours of recording time at Omega Studios!

Download the stems, remix them into a beat, and submit them to be qualified for the final competition. Only 10 competitors will be selected for the finals. The finals will be held on October 21st from 7-11 PM in our Studio A.


  • You may only use the provided Stems. Remix and modify them in any way you like.
  • Only 1 submission per contestant.
  • Submissions sent in must be in .WAV format.
  • Email your song to for qualification


Beat Battle Stems (700 downloads )


This is general setup for the competition:

  • Round One: Everyone will submit beats for evaluation to qualify for the finals on October 21st
  • Round Two: 10 Finalists will mix a second song (stems provided to winners) that will be played at the final competition.
  • Round Three: Judges will pick three of the 10 finalists. The ultimate winner will be determined by how loud the crowd cheers for them at the end of the judging phase. This will be measured using SPL Meters.

Omega Recording Studios would like to thank our three judges; Commoninterest, Teddy Beats, and V.I.C.U. as well as our MC, Anthony “Sleep” Thomas from Catch My Game Entertainment.