Battle of the Bands 2017

Battle of the Bands

Thank everyone for their interest! Here is the list of bands that will be competing. Go check out their pages and music!

BluewreckThe Prahns, Arhtéru (, Crashing AtlasNauseous HipposSpencer Joyce Music, the dAb Band (Dior Ashley Brown), Fredd Cox The BandSamsaraBlack Plastic, Armd, Time To Face DefeatFoglings

The 1st Annual Omega Studios’ Battle of the Bands.

The Prizes are as follows:
– First Place will win 20 hours of recording time
– Second place will win 15 hours of recording time
– Third place will win 10 hours of recording time

There will be a backline provided that includes:
– Drum Kit
– Two Guitar Amps
– Bass Amp

Bands will have 15 minutes to perform. All bands will receive a recording of their performance.

To get approved, send a link to your music and a list of your instrumentation to: You can also send a DM to the Omega Studios’ Facebook Page.

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