5 “Secret” Pro Tools Shortcuts

#1 – Changing Track Display (3 methods)

To change a track’s display view place your edit cursor on one or more tracks in the Edit Window, hold Control + Command and use the ←/→ arrow keys.


Or hold Control + Command and click on almost any parameter. Try clicking on the Mute button to show mute automation or if showing I/O View in the Edit Window click on the Volume or Pan display to show their corresponding automation. This also will work for Plug-In parameters as long as they are enabled for automation (See Shortcut #2).


Or to quickly toggle between Waveform and Volume views place your edit cursor on one or more tracks in the Edit Window and use the minus key on the qwerty keyboard.


Note: Keyboard Command Focus must be active for the last method to work.


#2 – Enabling Plug-In Parameters for Automation

To quickly enable a plug-in parameter for automation use what some call the power claw. Hold Control + Option + Command and click on the desired parameter. A drop down will appear and choose “Enable Automation For . . .


Or to quickly enable all parameters in a plug-in (including Bypass) use the same power claw shortcut (Control + Option + Command) and click on the Auto Enable Button at the top of the plug-in window.

shortcuts#3 Adjusting Grid and Nudge Values

To quickly adjust the Grid Value in the Edit Window hold Control + Option and use the +/- (plus/minus) keys on the numeric keypad.

Similarly to adjust the Nudge Value hold Option + Command and use the +/- (plus/minus) keys on the numeric keypad.

#4 Fat Meters

Make the Volume Meters in the Mix or Edit Window wider by using the power claw again (hold Control + Option + Command) and click on any Volume Meter to toggle between normal and fat meters.


#5 Quick 1kHz Tone Clip

To quickly generate a 1kHz tone clip make a selection on a track in the Edit Window hold Shift + Control + Option and press 3 on the qwerty keyboard. This is useful for troubleshooting, creating sync pops, and various other utilitarian functions.

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